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Disposable IGET Legend 4000 review Australia

Disposable IGET Legend 4000 review Australia

IGET Legend Vape

The IGET Legend is a disposable vape with 4,000 puffs, a metal body, and an ergonomic mouthpiece. The IGET Legend 4000 vape is the ideal option for vapers who desire simplicity without sacrificing performance because it is simple to use and delivers high-level vapor quality. Also, because it comes pre-charged, we may just use it up and discard it without having to recharge it.

The device can output up to 40 watts of power in its built-in 3-wall mode. It is made of Kanthal and stainless steel, and it also has replaceable coils. The top-fill method and straightforward design of this tank are its best features.

The IGET Legend has gained popularity ever since it was introduced in 2022 thanks to its simplicity of use, lengthy battery life, and reasonable pricing. However. do IGET Legends have nicotine? And if yes, how much nicotine in IGET? Let’s find out…

IGET Legend 4000 review

IGET Legend 4000 Review

IGET Vapes Direct Manufacturing Facility Electrical Outlets imports the IGET Legend disposable vape. With a steel body and an ergonomic mouthpiece, it is an exquisitely complex gadget.

Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, which keeps the flavors at a high level.

Every IGET Legend device generates 4000+ puffs with some of the fruitiest and also most genuine flavors such as blueberry raspberry grape ice, passion fruit melon ice, passion fruit mango ice, strawberry kiwi ice, and many more!

The GET Legend stands out from the competition thanks to its luxurious feet and delectable favours.

It is a very small device, but it packs a powerful punch with 4000 puffs and may be the tastiest and also authentic delicious flavours currently offered in the market. 

For vapers above the age of 18 years old, IGET Legend disposable device is a perfect choice instead of the usual smoking. 

IGET Legend Disposable device

IGET Legend disposable device offers a simple, convenient, and hassle-free vaping experience. They are made to be used only once, and when a device reaches the end of its useful life, users simply dispose of it.

The metal body is designed at a high standard of quality, and it is perfect for beginners and novice vapers who want to try things out before committing to an e-cigarette vape.

Flavours reviews of all IGET legend vape declare that the flavours will never ever bore you. They are subtle and also include intense underlying notes that may pleasure you endlessly.

Comparison of the IGET Legend and IGET King

The IGET Legend disposable device is the most advanced device yet having 4000+ Puffs. It’s an immaculately classy device with its metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece. Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, preserving the flavours to a high standard.

How Many Puffs Are In A IGET Legend Vape vs IGET Bar Vape?

Puff count is a crucial component of the effectiveness of disposable vape. There is a small variation between the IGET Legend's 4000 puffs and the IGET Bar's 3500 puffs. However, the number of puffs per device may change depending on how the device is used. This is because the length of each draw may have an impact.

It is advised to take longer and shorter drags rather than just longer drags, which will use up the puff count more quickly, to get the most out of your disposable vape. Both the IGET Legend and IGET Bar offer sufficient puffs for everyday use.

IGET Legend 4000 review

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Who should get IGET Legend

Flavour lovers

IGET Legend device is created focusing on flavour fans. Legend with its pre-charged design the device offers a restricted variety of flavours, but all of them are authentic as well as taste great. Every flavor such as mango, and blackberry ice will ensure an absolute vaping experience

Heavy vapers

You may need a bigger tank and a powerful battery for undisturbed vaping sessions if you are a regular vaper. IGET Legend disposable vapes have a 12ml e-liquid capacity, which can last for more than a week even if you vape frequently.

Delicious flavour range

IGET Legend 4000 puffs has authentic-tasting flavours, some of the fruity flavours are:

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Mango Banana Ice Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Passion Fruit Melon Ice Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Cola Lemon Soda Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Strawberry Kiwi Ice Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Grape Ice Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Blackberry Ice Disposable Vape

IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Passion Fruit Mango Ice Disposable Vape

GET Legend 4000 puffs, Blueberry Raspberry Grape Ice Disposable Vape

Does The IGET Vape Have Nicotine?

The nicotine content varies according on the IGET Vape kind. Although the IGET XXL has a nicotine-free variant, the majority of IGET vapes contain nicotine.

The nicotine content of the IGET Legend 4000 puffs is 5%, or 50mg/ml.

Comparison of the IGET Legend and IGET King

The IGET Legend and IGET King vapes are the two products being examined. Although the two devices have a similar appearance, there are a few significant distinctions.

The IGET Legend has a considerably bigger battery than the IGET King, which is the first difference.

The IGET King features built-in temperature control, whereas the IGET Legend does not. This is the second distinction.

The IGET King only has 2600 puffs, as opposed to the IGET Legend's 4000 puffs.

The fourth distinction is that IGET King contains 6% nicotine while IGET Legend only contains 5%.

The IGET King looks better and feels better despite the fact that both gadgets are made of plastic.

Whatever device you prefer ultimately comes down to personal preference.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- Do the IGET vapes have nicotine?

Nicotine levels vary between the types of the IGET vapes, some are 0% while others contain 5% nicotine. However, the Australian governemnt is strictly banning the selling of nicotine disposable vapes in the retailers or the online stores, and can only be bought from phramacy with a preccription .

2- How much nicotine in IGET?

Some of IGET products are completely nicotine-free, while other have different levels of nicotine. At Let’s Vape shop we only sell nicotine free vape designed for those who are quitting the smoke for a healthier vaping experience. 

3- What are the best flavors in IGET Legend 4000?

The IGET Legend 4000 offers a range of delightful and refreshing flavours, including options like Blueberry Raspberry Grape Ice, Passion Fruit Melon Ice, Passion Fruit Mango Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice. Explore and find out more on our website!

4- Is the IGET Legend 4000 rechargeable?

No, the IGET Legend 4000 is a disposable vape device and cannot be recharged. Once the battery is depleted, it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.