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Vaping sensors installed in Victorian schools to prevent under age vaping

Vaping sensors installed in Victorian schools to prevent under age vaping

Due to a rising trend in under age school students smoking vapes at school Victorian schools have now started to install hi-tech sensors in school bathrooms. The device is designed to monitor air quality and detect vape smoke or THC oil, as well as certain chemicals often found in popular puff bars or vape pens. 

This initiative is designed to stop students from vaping because they are often unaware that these illegal vapes have nicotine blended in with the vape oil. Whilst it is illegal to sell vapes with nicotine, some merchants in Australia are continuing to sell nicotine vapes under the counter. At Lets Vape we do not endorse the sale of nicotine vape, all of our vapes/puff bars are strictly contain no nicotine and must be purchased by people over 18 years of age.

Where to buy buff bars

Non-nicotine puff bars.. or vapes can be purchased from most local tobacconists, some petrol stations and you can also find legal vapes from sale in some independent supermarkets. There are many suppliers such as letsvape.com.au who also sell online, and it is recommended that you purchase your vapes from a local Australian company to ensure you are purchasing legal and genuine products.

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