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IGET Legend 4000 puffs, Cola Lemon Soda Disposable Vape (Single)

The cola lemon soda vape is the most advanced yet, featuring 4000+ Puffs. It’s an immaculately classy device with its metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece. Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, preserving the flavours to a high standard.

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This cola lemon soda vape is packed with flavour and is long-lasting, fuelled by a durable 1350mAH battery.

From the first draw, the mouthpiece activates the pure freshness and flavour of the iget legend cola lemon soda e-juice liquid.

Contents: Disposable device x 1

Puffs: 4,000puffs

Battery: 1350mAH

Resistance: 1.40Ω

E-juice: 12ml

Weight: 62g

Flavour: Cola Lemon Soda Ice

iget legend cola lemon soda review:

When it comes to quenching your thirst with something unique and flavorful, cola lemon soda vape stands out from the crowd. This beverage combines the classic cola taste that we all know and love with a zesty lemon twist, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess.

Packaging and Appearance: The iGet Legend Cola Lemon Soda comes in a sleek, attractive can that is both eye-catching and practical. The design features vibrant colors and bold fonts, making it easy to spot on the shelves. The can is also the perfect size for on-the-go refreshment.

Flavor and Aroma: Upon opening the can, you are immediately greeted with a delightful aroma that hints at the refreshing experience to come. The cola flavor is rich and robust, providing a nostalgic taste that takes you back to your favorite soda fountain memories. The lemon adds a bright and zesty kick, cutting through the sweetness of the cola and leaving your palate feeling refreshed.

FAQS about iget legend cola lemon soda:

Can you describe the flavor profile of the Cola Lemon Soda vape?

The Cola Lemon Soda vape offers a harmonious blend of rich cola and zesty lemon flavors, delivering a balanced and refreshing vaping experience.

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