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IGET BARS - 3500

The IGET Bars 3500 is a ground-breaking disposable pod with 3500+ puffs that is intended to be the biggest disposable vape ever manufactured. The IGET bars will be available whenever you need it, and it has the best flavour and the biggest capacity. 

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavouring make up the majority of the constituents in IGET. IGET Bars Vape Ingredients are formed of a variety of components that work together to create the desired outcome. Together, these components produce an e-liquid that may be inserted into vape pens. You can get about 7 to 15 days out of one IGET Bars 3500 puffs Australia. You get 3500+ puffs from each IGET Bar Vape's 12 ml of vape juice.

The amount of nicotine is 0%. IGET Bars 3500 might be the best option for you as a result.

The distinctive e-liquid IGET Bar 3500 is created with natural flavours and extracts. There are five different varieties available, each with a unique test profile. The top five IGET Bars flavours are: pineapple paradise, strawberry margarita, mango tango, lemon-lime, pina colada and the list goes on!

Let's Vape is pleased to provide the widest selection of premium e-liquid and vaping supplies at the most affordable pricing. Get the most out of your electronic cigarette with the best-tasting e-juice and dependable gear from around the world with the modern vape gadget IGET BARS, which we are releasing today. IGET BARS will arrive soon for Australian customers. Order now, and the package will be delivered quickly!

Select the IGET BARS flavour that you prefer from the disposable vape pod:

Iced Strawberry Kiwi: This taste is a classic because the tangy kiwi and sweet strawberry combination are tasty and reviving. 

Strawberry Watermelon: One of the best IGET BARS flavours, the richness of the strawberries blends beautifully with the cooling flavour of the watermelon.

Passion Fruit Mango Lime: This e-liquid is delightful and impossible to resist since the juiciness of the mango and the tang of the lime perfectly complement the sweetness of the passion fruit.

Peach Ice: Delightful, seductive peach ice is a terrific way to welcome summer.

Blackberry Raspberry Lemon: Adding lemon and blackberries makes the ideal ratio of sweet to sour.

As IGET BARS kits are disposable, you must discard the entire set after the e-liquid runs out.