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A vast selection of disposable vape pens from IPLAY Vapes offers smooth, user-friendly performance along with a delicious vaping experience. The popular IPLAY MAX vape offers 2,500 puffs of superior IPLAY MAX disposable vape pod performance, and is one of the IPLAY vape products.

Optimise Your Vaping Experience With The IPLAY MAX 2500 Puffs Box

For new vapers who prefer to chase really large clouds, there is a pre-filled kit called the IPLAY MAX disposable vape pod. The 8 ml e-liquid capacity, integrated 1250mAh battery, and 1.2Ω cotton coil—which produces up to 2,500 massive vapour puffs—are the key components. The compact IPLAY MAX disposable pod vape 2500 is a vape for single-use pleasure.

IPLAY MAX 2500 Puffs Disposable Vapes Specifications

  • Size: 19.5*124.5mm

  • Battery: 1250mAh

  • E-liquid Capacity: 8 ml

  • Nicotine: 0% & 5%

  • Puffs: 2500 Puffs

  • Resistance: 1.2Ω

  • Weight: 65g

  • Package: 10pcs/pack, 300pcs/ctn, 20kg/ctn

Is There IPLAY MAX Zero Nicotine Strength

The IPLAY MAX Disposable vape offers a variety of nicotine options, including IPLAY MAX zero nicotine & 5% nicotine strength, and any other nicotine content you would like to fill, to accommodate both novice and seasoned vaping enthusiasts. Discover your ideal match in IPLAY MAX vape at Let's Vape shop, whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, making it the best option for everyone.

A Variety of IPLAY MAX Flavours with Up to 30 Choices!

Let's Vape Shop provides a comprehensive list with thorough testing and in-depth review to help you find the best disposable vape pen. Vape enthusiasts that are picky about flavour find that the IPLAY MAX vape range has an abundance of mouthwatering fruity flavours.

30 IPLAY MAX flavours, including Berry Watermelon, Sour Apple Melon, Grapefruit Berry, Guava Raspberry, Grape Strawberry, Blue Raz Lemon, Cool Mint, Sour Raspberry, Peach Ice, Passion Fruit, Mango Ice, Blueberry Ice, Mango Ice, Strawberry Lychee, and Watermelon, are available. They are constructed and ready for action.

Our stock caters for a wide range of IPLAY MAX 2500 puffs box choices with good flavour for a hassle free vaping experience. Contact us and check our latest discounts!

Choose The Ideal Vape For You

IPLAY MAX vape has an eye-catching, modern design that draws attention with ease. Its elegant pen-like shape makes it incredibly comfortable to hold, which improves your vaping experience. This device, which fits neatly into your pocket, represents a convenient and lightweight way of living.

You can rely on IPLAY MAX disposal vape to reduce stock risks by providing a steady output and a low rate of power-down. Savour uninterrupted, end-to-end vaping sessions that guarantee a satisfying and rich draw with every puff.

Let us know your vaping preferences, and we promise to offer amazing money savings IPLAY MAX vape accommodating your lifestyle!

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IPLAY Max Vape pod has an elegant pen-like shape with more than 30 fresh flavours. The 8ml pod supports 2500 puffs. Discover more at Let's Vape.