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IGet XXL vape

Each IGET XXL vape comes with a 7ml e-liquid and is available in a variety of tasty flavours. Passionfruit mango, grape, mixed berries, mango, mojito, lime, and more are available!

The XXL IGET vape is a vaping device for leisure use that offers 1800+ puffs and a comfortable hand feel. It is composed of light SS material. The IGET vape XXL Australia is cheap and available whenever you need it and has great flavour and big capacity. The IGET vape XXL disposable device, with its metal housing and ergonomic mouthpiece, is an absolutely stylish gadget. Because the entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, the flavours are kept in excellent condition.

With some of the most delicious and authentic-tasting flavours, each IGET device enhances 1800+ puffs.

The IGET stands out from the competition thanks to its exquisite flavours and luxury feel.

IGET XXL vape offers many features, including 1800+ puffs, a premium, ergonomic design, simple to use, and delicious flavours.

Our team has tried and tested each disposable vaporizer. All of our IGET vape XXL Australia are purchased straight from the manufacturer or from accredited vendors. This guarantees the authenticity of each and every product.

For orders of $100 or more, express shipping is free throughout Australia. We also offer quick delivery because we partner with the best carriers.

In order to inhale heated liquid into your lungs, IGET XXL vape heats the liquid in a tiny gadget. The liquid in the IGET XXL vape is heated in to create an aerosol.

The IGET XXL has several benefits in comparison with usual smoking such as:

Less dangerous than smoking: there is no combustion, and smoking produces smoke, which causes the tar and carbon monoxide that cause the majority of long-term health problems.

No unpleasant smells: The scent of vapour is scarcely perceptible to many individuals. The IGET XXL's tangy flavours can even earn you compliments!

Regulating the vapour output: Vaping allows you to regulate the amount of vapour you exhale, which is a key component of the IGET XXL experience since it offers over 1800 puffs!

Flavours for every taste bud: There are virtually endless flavour options to choose from in the IGET XXL collection which is: Blackberry Ice, Blackberry Raspberry Grape, Blackberry Raspberry Orange, Blue Razz, Blueberry Ice, Bubble Gum, Cherry Ice, Cherry Pomegranate, Cotton Candy, Double Apple, Grape, Grape Blueberry, Guava Ice, Kiwi Ice, Lush Ice, Mango, Mango Guava, Mint, Mint Lemonade, Mixed berry, Mojito Lime, Passionfruit Mango, and the list goes on!